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Slow Clothing

Did you know that even though you may not be paying for the price of fast-fashion, someone else is? Here at Peco Baby every piece is handmade with intention, using thoughtful materials, and made ethically without the use of sweat shops.

Amazing quality and Kari is such an awesome shop owner. The details she puts on her packaging alone makes me want to order everything. 🖤

Jordan L.

“We have 5 generations of women in our family. Ages ranging from almost 102 to newborn. What better way to honor these moments than by having a blanket made for the youngest family member with her name handwritten by her great grandmother.” Kim

Peco, Love + Happiness

For my nieces and sisters.

Our Dolman Dress is the perfect mix of classic + modern.

Oversized. Simple.  Chic.

a brand celebrating baby season