Peco's Beginnings

Hello, I'm Kari. I am the maker behind Peco Baby and I'd like to share Peco's story with you.  

2010. I was a young, single, care-free 21-year-old. Or so I thought. I ended the year with more than a party. I welcomed a strong-willed little boy into the world who I named Adrian Alexander. Little had I known, he would be the best Christmas gift ever received. 

Becoming a new mom was hard. The odds were stacked against me (a conversation for another time). It is without a doubt that I owe my sanity to my F-A-M-I-L-Y and most of all my parents! I entered motherhood alone but never lonely. We were never turned away. My son was always in the arms of a loved one. For this, I am forever grateful. 

After becoming mama, Adrian became my passion. I realized that being MOM was the best job title I could ever have. My mission was to "come home" to him. I wanted to be a part of his firsts and lasts. This is where Peco Baby's story began. 

In 2014 I took on the challenge of becoming Mommy & CEO of my own fashion brand. With nothing but a dream and a sewing machine, Adrian Alexander was born again, literally.

On a whim, I bought a sewing machine with a bit of money from the year's tax return. Went to Joann's to buy material and started sewing in my parent's basement. I worked tirelessly to perfect my skills. I never want to go back to those first few months of sewing. Ever. 

AA started as a bib brand but I quickly moved into drafting my own baby clothes. I remember going to Walmart to buy baby pants so I could make my own patterns. I look back now and laugh because Sewing PDF's are easily available over the internet. You can print them straight from your computer at home and tape them together. Modern technology is quite amazing.

During this time I met the man behind it all, pushing me to go for it. Ross walked into my life NYE 2013. Adrian had never met anyone I talked to before this. I had boundaries because there was already a disconnect from his non-existent "father" and I quote father because I hate saying that still.

Ross and I moved our little blended family to a cute town right outside of my parent's neighborhood, so we could be close but not too close. I began to slowly start production on collections, making every item to order in small batches. 

He is and has always been the number one supporter of Peco Baby (he was AA's biggest fan too)! I told this guy when we were dating that I would be my own boss one day. He told me it would happen. He's helped make it happen. For him, I am so thankful!

We grew quickly but I think somewhere in between the three and a half years with AA I lost sight of designing. I started to make what was "trending" instead of starting my own. I needed to change my mindset as a designer and shop owner. It was time for a creative shift. 

Before I was even able to say go, I found out I was pregnant. It had been 8 long years since Adrian. It was surreal. Life was about to change.

I gave birth to Lennan early Saturday morning October 6, 2018. He was perfect and beautiful. From the moment he was born I wanted to pick up the sewing machine and start working again. Though I can honestly say my brain is always working for the shop. Physically...I was busy with baby season lol! 

I knew I wanted a fresh start with the new baby. I also wanted to incorporate both of the boys somehow into the name of the shop. Nothing worked so I thought of the one person behind me always rooting for my success. Ross! Peco Baby is dedicated to my best friend, my confidant, and love. Peco comes from a childhood nickname my boyfriend was given (full nickname Peco Train). There's a Sheriff in the movie Dukes of Hazzard named Roscoe P. Coltrane that he was nicknamed after so they started calling him Peco Train as a joke. It's stuck since. 

Peco is pronounced like pico or "pea co" and I added baby because I consider it a baby line. Our range is from perfect 0-3 Months through 2-3 T. I noticed I had a very short window to dress and style Adrian before Disney Cars, Spiderman, + Superman would make it into my home in the form of light up shoes and logo tees. There was no changing his mind! & he was too cute for me to argue with.

As fall 2019 approaches look out for exclusive in-house prints and baby blankets. I have been curating a stash of personal designs, some hand-drawn, a few taken from Adrian. Think simple designs and color.

I hope you love what you have seen so far! And if you do please make sure you engage with us. Comment. Like. Share. I believe so much in the community and want to bring you more than beautiful handmade baby clothes. I can't do that without your help.

I am finally signing off on this super long entry!


Peco, Love + Happiness,

The Modiste Mama 
sharing my love for sewing, family + life. 



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