Peco Baby + Our Story

Peco Baby 
(pronounced Pee-koh)
In 2014, with a lot of persistence & a sewing machine, Adrian Alexander [the label] was born. It was my dream (a then single mother) to be able to work from home to be there for my son. My little start-up company would ultimately bring me home to him.
Fast-forward to 2018. We found out that our family would soon be growing by ten-fingers and ten toes. I couldn't barely wait to start sewing little outfits for the baby. & after a very hot, long, and sick pregnancy we welcomed our little lover, Lennan Grey, the early morning of October 6.
As I began my journey in to newly-born motherhood, I would quickly be reminded of all the nostalgia a new baby would bring (and the never-ending list of demands, lol). I knew I would use this to fuel my next project. One that I am so proud to finally be showing you all!
Peco Baby, a brand inspired by my second born + my love for everything holiday. Ethically made goods curated with celebration in mind. 
Created for memory-making ⋒